There are some people who are not really a fan of cold weather. But, for those keen runners, nothing stops their running routine even when it is freezing cold outside. If you are going out for a winter running, it is the winter running clothes and accessories that you do not want to overlook. These items will protect you and keep you warm all throughout the chilly weather.

Of course, you will need a high-quality pair of running shoes that will keep you away from injuries. However, this should not be any regular running shoes. It would be preferable if you get trail running shoes since they do much better on snowy paths and uneven surfaces. Aside from that, they are built for off-road running that provides additional support to runners. When getting a trail running shoe for winter running, always consider buying half the size larger than your regular foot size to accommodate thicker socks and sock liners.

When it comes to choosing your winter running clothes, always remember to dress up in layers. Choose several layers of lightweight clothing rather than getting one big chunk of coat with a lot of feathers in it. The air can easily pass through that kind of clothing and some of the air will suspend on those collar feathers making you feel cooler. You can use fitted warmers or clothing made from high-tech polyester or Lycra as the base of your outfit. This is the clothing that is placed closest to your skin. Thus, this should be breathable and wicks away sweat and moisture to prevent chilling effect.

Then, you can wear a second layer of loose, breathable clothing. This will add extra protection from your innermost layer to the outermost layer. On the other hand, the outer layer should be made with a breathable, water-resistant and wind-resistant material. Some people recommend Gore-Tex jacket. If ever you feel warmer when running, you can opt to remove the outermost layer and just put it back if it feels cooler again.

Wearing a wool hat is also important since about 40 percent of heat loss is done through the head. You also need to protect your hands and feet. Mittens will work better than gloves for your hands while wool socks are good for the feet. A wicking sock liner should also be placed on the lining of your shoes. Disposable heat packs are also an excellent item to keep your hands warm during winter.

When it is getting really cold outside, you may want to cover your face with a ski mask or even small towels. Breathing through a mask will warm the air you breathe into your lungs. Also, do not forget to wear moisturizers or sun screen lotions to keep your skin hydrated and avoid undue redness and frostbite on the skin. Don’t forget to bring enough energy drinks to keep you on the go. Also, bring your cell phone wrapped in plastic cellophane and an emergency kit in case something happens in between your running routine.